puppy a cocker - a spaniel

Separation Anxiety – The State of Panic

Separation anxiety is among the most typical issues that dogs create. It is an anxiety disorder and is defined as a state of intense panic brought on by the dog’s isolation/separation theirs owner(s). In other words: whenever you leave for function within the morning, your dog is plunged into a state of nervous, anxiety, which […]

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Thief running away from the dog.

Understanding Dog Aggression To People Or Other Dogs

Dog aggression is a common problem that dog owners experience. This can sometimes cause alarm in dog owners because of the many things that result from such aggression. This problem can easily be dealt with, provided you understand the causes. It caused by dominance and frustration of the dog. The frustration of the dog results […]

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Puppy pulling shoe lace

3 Primary Factors Why Puppy’s Want To Chew – Destructive Chewing Or Non-Destructive Chewing

The act of chewing appears to become a matter of person preference amongst dogs: some have an innate want to chew as a pleasurable activity in itself, and a few appear to possess no have to chew whatsoever unless they are driven to it out of sheer boredom. The phrase “destructive chewing” might sound redundant, […]

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