Dogs Scared of other Dogs

My Dog Is Scared Of Other Dogs

Observing your dog for any unusual or negative signs is an important aspect of taking good care of it. There are many things that can be observed by just looking at its habits and physical appearance. One thing that a number of dog owners have seen is dogs that fear other dogs. Many of the […]

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How To Bathe A Dog At Home

How To Make Your Dog Like Bath Time

Happy and Dirty Dog Most dogs naturally hate bathing, unless you do something about it, they will continue being the same. Many dogs hate bathing just like some humans do. There are a number of ways that you can make bathing the dog more fun for you both. You can make bathing time the bonding […]

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Dog Bathe

How To Bathe A Dog At Home

Bathing your dog is a very important task that you should be doing regularly. The hygiene of your dog should always be considered because it will affect you in one way or another. There are many people who have gotten sick all thanks to poor dog hygiene. Make sure all the aspect of hygiene are […]

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Lovely Mother with Her Children, Mums with strollers in the park

How to Fit the Dog Walk into Your Daily Schedule

There are many benefits a dog stands to gain by doing some physical activities. Many people assume that the do fine on their own, but this is not really the fact. When a dog is all alone, he usually sleeps or moves over a short distance. This can sometimes be less than what the dog […]

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Dog in Park Exercising your dog

Outdoor Exercise Ideas For You and Your Dog

Exercising is an essential part of your dog routine. There are many benefits that have been associated with exercising our canine friend. Many people don’t want to hear the word ‘exercising’ because they picture long walks, especially those who hate physical activities like walking. The good news is that there are many different exercising routines […]

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How You Can Protect Your Dog from Fleas and Ticks

While the outdoors is a great place for a dog to be, it’s also a place where they can be put at risk. When a dog spends time outside, they could be bitten by fleas or ticks, which can cause diseases like heartworm and anaplasma. Thankfully, there are many of things that pet owners can […]

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Fleas and Ticks

The Differences Between Fleas and Ticks

When it comes to pets, many people want the best for them. Going to the vet for regular checkup is not enough because there are some signs you should always look out for. The process is simple and the things to be observed aren’t complicated. There are some signs that you should watch out for […]

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Muzzle Taping, Water Boarding and 3 Other Dog Training Techniques That Should Be Illegal

By Sarah Hodgson ( I’m taking a short break from my dog-loving blog to address the serious topic of animal abuse. It’s a concern that shadows my thoughts; I offer up this piece in the hope I can inspire you to take a stand. When I first saw images of Caitlyn, the dog whose mouth […]

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Remembering To Hydrate Your Dog For Health

Are you aware of your dog’s food habits? Have you done enough research on how to take care of your pet? All living things need water to survive. Pets like dogs are animals just like human beings and their bodies require water to facilitate quite a number of metabolical processes. Let us have a look […]

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Smart Reasons Of Having Pet Insurance And The Benefits Of Pet Insurance

Many people have a pet, whether it is a cat or a dog feels like an extended member of the family. However, as the veterinary field becomes more technologically advanced, the cost of caring for a pet increases due to the high cost associated with  acquiring necessary equipments, facilities as well as training require to […]

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