family dog

How You Can Have a Closer Bond With Your Dog

Although dogs are known for their happy and affectionate behavior, you need to do more than simply show up at the door if you want to forge a strong bond with your dog. You need to put effort in if you want your relationship to grow and flourish. The following ideas will help strengthen your […]

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calm dog training

Calm Dog Training: Your Guide to Calming Your Hyperactive Dog

While an overly-excited dog is something of a stereotype, too much excitement can wear on both a dog and its owner. It’s important for dog owners to be able to calm their dogs down and give them a chance to relax. Thankfully, calming a dog is easier than it might initially seem. By utilising calm […]

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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Humanize Your Dog

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Humanize Your Dog

A lot of people make the mistake of humanizing their dogs. They do so by talking to their dogs as if they were humans. Some even talk to them like they were babies. A lot of experts in the field believe that humanizing your pet is not the correct mindset to have when you engage […]

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women talking the dog

What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Go For A Walk?

Is your dog refusing to go on walks? A lot of dogs might pull on a leash indicating they want to lead. Whereas, a lot of other dogs might actually pull backwards and refuse to walk at all. Your instinct might be to try to pull them forward to get them to walk, but this […]

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Golden Retriever dog digging hole

How To Keep Your Dog From Digging

Dogs dig for a variety of reasons. Some dig to keep cool or warm and remain comfortable in various environments. Whereas, some dogs simply love to dig. In fact, a lot of breeds are more likely to dig than others because it is a trait that is commonly found in the breed. However, any dog […]

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Dog Park Behavior

Dog Park Behaviour With Other Dogs Tips And Etiquette

Dog parks are becoming increasingly popular all across the entire country. The parks can differ in size from large to small. However, they all share the same purpose which is to provide a safe place where dogs can actually run off leash and be able to socialise with other dogs. While they are not always […]

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dog hug

Why NOT To Hug A Dog

If you enjoy the presence of dogs, it is very likely that you have hugged one. Sometimes you simply get caught up in the moment and you let your joy and affection control your behaviour and actions. In the moment, did you ever pay attention as to whether or not your dog enjoyed being hugged? […]

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Why Do Dogs Nip People?

There are many reasons why dogs nip people. Here are a few reasons why dogs nip people. Children are more likely to get bitten by dogs. The injuries on a child can be severe because they are smaller in size and they don’t know how they should act around dogs or act when they are […]

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Dog Bitting

Stop Dog Biting and Nipping

Many people don’t enjoy dogs that bite, chew mouth and their hands, clothing or limbs during the play and interaction. Dogs have more strength, hence causing more pain that a puppy. This can even lead to an injury on a person while the dog is mouthing.  Suppressing mouthing in adult dogs can be a challenge […]

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Dog Scared of Everything

When Your Dog’s Afraid of Everything

Having a dog that fears everything can sometimes be a challenge because you won’t have enough time to do any fun activities that you should be doing with your dog. This is because the dog needs to be attentive and having fun at the same time. A dog scared of everything is bad for the […]

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