Learning to Swim

Top Dog Training Tips 3

No.3 –  Learning To Swim:

Important points:

Ensure your dogs first experience is a good one!

  • Make sure that your dog is safe and is not going to get into trouble or have a bad experience
  • Make it fun
  • Leave your dog to investigate things at their speed, not at yours!
  • Stay calm and relaxed. Try not to keep calling your dog!

Take your time:

  • If your dog leaves having had a good time then you will be amazed at the progress they make the next time you take them swimming
  • There is no race, if it takes an hour or a week or a month, then that is fine. Enjoy the process :)
  • By rushing it and forcing things you can easily scare your dog and put them off for the rest of their life. It will also damage the relationship you have with them, as you will lose some of the trust that you have built up

Not all dogs are naturally good swimmers:

The following dogs can all struggle:

  • Heavy boned dogs
  • Very large breeds
  • Muscle bound dogs
  • Some dogs with very thick coats can also struggle

Let your dog build its own confidence over time:

There is no need to put a lead on and walk your dog into the water, this is forcing your dog and will make it worse.

If you cross the water or wade into it a little way, your dog will pick up the confidence and join you when they are ready. Just make sure that they are safe.

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