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How To Succeed With Training Your Dog By Being Consistent

Your dog is smarter than you think, and he will learn to trust you by what can be expected of you. When he sees a consistent pattern of what you will do, he is more likely to be compliant when it comes to training.

Remember that dogs are incredibly loyal, and that is a good thing, as they have a protective and bonding instinct with their human.

Most people like to give their dog a treat when they do well, but just be sure that it is something that your dog likes. Most dogs like soft and chewy treats, rather than hard and crunchy ones.

Also, most dog owners have no problem being clear when the dog does something wrong, but they miss the part where the dog needs praise and support when he does something right.

Many times just saying “No” does not give the dog enough information, and since dogs need more exact instructions, you need to give him a command for one thing to do, over and over until he gets it, then reward him with a treat.
Training your dog is really as much about training you as it is training him. This is true for the other family members as well, so that everyone is on the same page.

This is a common problem where one family member says, “down” when he gets on the couch, another member says “off” and a third ignores the issue.

This is why consistency is very important when you are training your dog so that he does not get confusing signals.

Your dog really wants to please you in most instances, but when he gets different commands from you and other members of the family, he will go on overload and not do anything or he will do the wrong thing.

It is important for you to realize that it will take some time for your dog to change his behavior, as some of the things that are normal for dogs to do such as barking, jumping up, digging, and smelling behinds might take some time to correct.

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Many of the activities have been rehearsed and acted upon by your dog for awhile, so how can you expect him to change overnight?

Long rehearsed behaviors can be changed, but it will just take longer, so it is important that you have patience and work with him.

Keep at it, and your dog will learn what you want him to do, and he will do reward