Barking Dogs – Why Do Dogs Bark?

Let’s face it- dogs will always bark. There are dogs who bark for a good reason, others for little or no reason, or even both.

There are some breeds that bark more often than others. The problem that need to be solved is the dog to keep quit when you need it to. If you manage to do this, then you are at a better position to solve this. You might need to put a little effort into the process, but once you manage to do it, you will end up loving our canine friend even more.

Why do dogs bark?

There are many reasons why a dog barks. They may be playing or instigating a play, sounding an alarm, giving a warning to another animal, joining the excitement of the moment, out of fear, drive another object or animal away, demanding a reaction, and others will even bark for the sake of barking.

The barking of the dog might be a result of one or more factors. When the puppies bark, it might b a sign of insecurity after leaving the pack.


Sheltie. A ball toy may stop him from become a Barking Dogs

The main aim in not making the dog stop barking completely because there are times when barking in necessary, especially in times of danger or when trying to scare away animals. Making the dog stop barking is a good way to take control of the situation and stop it when they are told to do so.

Although there might be other reasons as to why the dog barks a lot, there is a chance the owner has unknowingly reinforced this behaviour. Always avoid shouting at the dog because it will interpret that you are trying to join in.

If the other hand the dog is told gently or given some form of affection, it thinks that the owner likes the habit and is trying to appreciate what it is doing.

Determining if the dog is barking for the right reason is the first thing you need to do in order to address this problem. Dealing with the cause of the barking will make the dog have no reason to bark.

This will also stem down to the owners confidence in the dog. When the owner understands and has confidence in the dog, he can then deal with the habit more calmly and take leadership.

The main pillar of the relationship of a man and a dog is trust and confidence. You will also have an easier form of communication with your dog.

Stopping the dog from barking can be done using a number of techniques depending on the relationship you have with the dog.

Gently closing the mouth of the dog will provide you a chance to provide your authority of the dog. After that, you can redirect your dog to do other acceptable activities.

Have the dog bring you a present. This will keep the mouth of our dog closed and it won’t bark when there is an object in its mouth. The dog will start doing this regularly to show their pleasure.

Barking dogs won’t ever be a concern for you again.Barking dogs should be treated carefully to avoid worsening the situation

Watch this video for more tips:

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