Tricolor Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Puppy Looking Out a Window

3 Tips To Help Your Dog Learn To Stay Home Alone

We all have lives we need to live and the sad fact is that many times are dogs are simply not welcome. For those times you have to be able to leave your dog home alone.

Sadly many dogs suffer from severe anxiety attacks while left alone. The let in their frustration in barking, tearing up furniture, and relieving themselves on your freshly cleaned sheets.

There are several ways of making sure your dog behaves before you leave the house. This can include leaving them alone for short times, taking a quick run, and giving them their own special spot.

Taking Essential Baby Steps

As you may know many dogs do not do well with big changes in their life. When you just leave them alone for eight hours all at once they become easily stressed.

If you are planning on having to leave your dog alone for extended periods of time you need to be willing to work up to that amount of time.

A better way of solving this separation anxiety is to leave your dog alone for short spurts of time. Start with leaving the house for 5 minutes at a time.

Do this for a couple of times and begin moving up your time out of the house to 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and so on.

Home Alone
Tricolor Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Puppy Looking Out a Window

Exercise Is Key

Before you are getting ready to leave take your dog for a quick walk or run and help them get rid of some of that built up energy. Try to walk or run with your dog for at least an hour.

Not only with this walk help them relieve some boredom and energy, it is a great bonding experience between you and your dog. The key to solving your problem is to get them worn out so they go back home and lay down for a long nap.

Give Your Dog His Own Space

One of the bets ways to protect your home and your dog is by using a crate to help keep them contained. While it may seem cruel a dog is actually quite happy to have their own den.

You will notice that your dog will begin using their crate to sleep in and sit even when they are not put in.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of a crate, you can always use a bathroom or kitchen where there is nothing that can be easily destroyed.

However, the crate is the best location and to slowly allow them more free roam of the house.

These simple tips are going to help your dog become accustomed to you leaving the house. By implementing these tips you will no longer have to worry about coming home to a destroyed house or your neighbours complaints due to 8 hours of straight barking.

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