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Why You Should Keep Dog Training Segments Short And Simple

cute funny puppy Australian ShepherdNo matter what breed of dog you have, there are certain techniques you’ll want to employ during training. Every kind of dog has certain types of inherited drives, and each breed of dog learns in the same way.

Because of this, there are certain methods that will always work, no matter what kind of dog you have.

All dogs can benefit from positive reinforcement, all dogs need plenty of attention from their owner, and all dogs are able to learn better when their training segments are kept short.

Shorter Sessions Are More Effective

Dogs learn through repetition — they need to repeat a task over and over in order to execute it on demand. When training sessions are kept short, it’s easier to repeat them throughout the day, and it’s easier for owners to get the kind of results that they’re looking for.

In addition, dogs are less likely to make mistakes during short sessions. This means that they won’t need to be scolded or punished, and can develop nothing but positive associations with their training.

This will make it much easier for owners to train their pets in the future.

Leave Your Dog Wanting More

Dogs are bred to be excited to work. They want to please their owner, and when a dog successfully responds to their training, they’ll be filled with enjoyment.

That’s why it’s better to cut off training sessions why a dog is still engaged.

If you stop your training after only a few minutes, your dog will be anxious to start training again. They’ll try even harder, and will learn more from all of their training sessions.

You’ll be able to make progress far more rapidly than you would otherwise.

End On a Good Note

Dogs want to please their owner — not upset them. If a training session goes on too long, it will be more difficult for the dog to pull off a task successfully, which means that it’s more likely the training session will end in frustration.

Most experts believe that the first and last tasks performed in a training session are the ones that stick with a dog. Try to start every training session strong, and try to end every training session on a high note.

Your dog will make a lot more progress, and will be more eager to train in the future.

There’s no need to spend a lot of time training your dog. Set aside short periods of time for your training instead.

You’ll be able to make a lot more progress even though you won’t be expending as much effort.

Some people think that you have to spend a lot of time training in order to get results, but that simply isn’t true. When it comes to dog training, a little bit of effort can go a very long way.

Don’t focus on doing a lot of training — focus on doing the best training that you can do.

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