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Training Tips: Why You Should Leave Your Dog Wanting More

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While a young puppy looks adorable, an untrained dog can be a real challenge to deal with. Because of this, many dog owners want to spend hours working with their dogs, hoping that they can get their pet trained as quickly as possible.

However, lengthy training sessions aren’t actually an efficient way to train a dog. Research has actually shown that dogs get much more out of brief training sessions than they do from long ones.

It’s best to stop your training session before it goes on too long and leave your dog wanting more.

But how short should a training session be? Can you really get your dog trained in a few minutes or more? Read on to learn how you can train your dog without wasting a lot of time.

Repeat Short Training Sessions Throughout the Day

Instead of spending several hours going over commands with your dog, spend a few minutes training them at several points throughout the day. This will give them a break and will give them a chance to process what they’re learning, but will also give them the kind of repetition they need in order to master a command.

Dogs are eager to please. If you stop a training session early on, they’ll look forward to the next one and will respond well the next time you work on a command.

Following this strategy will allow you to spend less time training, but will actually get you faster results.

Keep Commands Short and Consistent

Dogs aren’t like humans; they don’t crave variety. They learn best when the same phrases are repeated over and over. Instead of alternating between “sit,” “sit down,” and “sit, boy,” it’s better to just tell your dog to sit every time.

Aim for single word commands whenever possible, and never mix up your phrases. The more you keep things the same, the quicker your dog will learn, and the easier your training sessions will be.

You’ll be able to accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time.

Always Use Rewards

When a dog is first learning a command, they need plenty of rewards in order to stay motivated. However, giving a dog a steady stream of food treats isn’t the best option. If your training sessions don’t go on too long, you can give your dog treats without spoiling your appetite.

Immediately after your dog successful completes a task, praise them and provide them with a treat. Once they’ve mastered a command, you can give them a treat when they complete the task quickly. Your dog will stay motivated, and you won’t go through an entire bag of treats in a day.

You don’t always have to spend a lot of time on something in order to get results. If you keep your training sessions short, your dog will always be interested in what you’re saying, and you’ll be able to make a lot of progress without wasting a lost of time.

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