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Recall Command Basics: Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called

One of the most essential commands that an owner can teach is dog is the recall command. When you can count on your dog to come when it’s called, you can protect it in unsafe situations.

If your dog is running towards a car or approaching an unsafe food, you’ll be able to remove them from the situation immediately.

Teaching Recall Basics

The initial process of teaching a dog to come when called is very simple. All you have to do is positively reinforce your dog’s behavior when they come to you.

Kneel near your dog. Make a clicking sound when they take their first step towards you, and make appreciative noises as they come closer.

When they finish walking to you, give them a treat.

Adding In Cues

Once your dog can reliably walk to you when they see you kneeling, introduce a cue. It’s best to keep the cue simple, such as using the word “come.”

Continue to provide your dog with positive reinforcement as they learn to listen to your commands.

Make sure you don’t just teach your dog to come in a calm environment that’s free of distractions. Try to get them to come to you outside and in new places, where there are many intriguing smells.

You want to make sure that your dog will come to you in all situations.

dog collar

Grabbing Your Dog

If your dog is in a dangerous situation, you may need to grab on to them once they’ve arrived towards you. However, if a dog isn’t trained to expect this, they might bolt or react badly if you reach for them suddenly.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to get your dog accustomed to having their collar gently grabbed. While teaching your dog to come, lightly reach out and grab your collar before providing them with reinforcement.

Train them to associate you reaching towards them with treats, and they’ll never dart away from you in an emergency situation.

Turn the Command Into a Game

Dogs love to play, and turning a training session into a play session can deliver excellent results. When you give your dog the recall command, quickly back away from them.

Reward your dog after they catch up to you.

Another great idea is to turn your training into a game of hide and seek. Tell your dog to stay, and then move into a different room and call them.

Your dog will have to look for you in order to respond to the command. Trying to find you will be a lot of fun for your pet, and it’ll teach them to come to you even when you’re not in their line of sight.

It’s important for a dog to master the recall command. When you can count on your dog to come when called, you’ll be able to keep them save in all kinds of situations.

Spend time training your dog and making sure they have a through understanding of the command.

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