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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Tips For Owners

Owning a dog is not all about taking them on walks and changing their food/water bowls daily; training them is an integral part as well. Many people believe that verbal and physical abuse are effective when it comes to dog training, but there is a much better way.

Here are some positive reinforcement dog training tips that will help you teach and nurture your pooch at the same time.

Use Brief Commands

While dogs are pretty intelligent beings, training them while using full sentences can be somewhat confusing. All of the additional words make the command far less effective.

For example, instead of telling your dog to “have a seat,” saying “sit” will make it easier for them to understand and follow through.

Offer Them Treats

Have treats available, and offer them to your dog once they start to obey your commands. You should also give them verbal praise. This will strengthen the bond you have with them while letting them know that they are doing something that is positive.

Keep in mind that you will need to wean them off of the snacks at some point, but verbal praise should be given continuously.

Dog Sitting using Postive Reinforcement

Make Sure There Is Consistency

One of the best positive reinforcement dog training tips you will ever read involves consistency. If there is more than one person in charge of training, it is important that they are all on the same page.

The same rewards and commands should be used, or there is a chance the dog may become confused. One person praising them for an action while another person chastising them for the same action is not acceptable.

Avoid Training When You Are Not In The Mood

If you are in terrible spirits and you attempt to train your dog that day, you may not have the results you have been hoping for. Pets are able to sense moods, which means that they may get the idea they are doing something wrong based on your glumness.

While you want to train them regularly, doing so while in a bad mood is not suggested.

Training Should Be Short

You should not try to cram all of the training into one day. Overwhelming your dog is the last thing that you want to do. Try working with them for no more than 30 minutes at a time.

Brief spurts of fun activity will give you a better outcome then trying to train them for hours on end. A cranky, tired dog is not the goal, so avoid trying to make them do far more at one time than they can handle.

Whenever you walk down the street and you see a well-trained dog, there is a good chance that the owner used positive reinforcement to foster good behaviour. If your dog needs to be trained, you should certainly do the same.

This is far better than using fear to make your dog behave and ruining the chances of forming a strong bond with them.

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