women talking the dog

How to Keep Your Dog from Eating Harmful Items On Walks

women talking the dog

When you take your Dog out on a walk, they’ll probably see a lot of tempting treats on the ground. Unfortunately, those so-called  “treats” can be extremely harmful to your dog.

You don’t want items like gum, cigarette butts, or other kinds of garbage anywhere near your Dog’s mouth.

Although you can’t keep your dog from being attracted to these items, you can keep them from eating them. As long as you’re fully  prepared when you head on on your walk, you can prevent any garbage eating mishaps.

Learn Your Dog’s Signals

It’s likely that your Dog sends some clear signs when they’re about to dive towards a disgusting item. Learn those signs so that you can stop it before it happens.

Your Dog might suddenly slow down, or tense up in preparation for a plunge. The better you are at predicting this behavior, the easier it will be for you to prevent it.

Choose Your Path Carefully

While you probably can’t keep your path completely debris free, you can avoid routes that are more likely to contain harmful items.  Try to stay away from restaurants, schools, and office buildings.

It’s also smart to avoid buildings that have overhanging fronts —  people are far more likely to smoke in these locations.


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Bring a Distraction

Despite your best planning, you’re still going to encounter harmful items when you go about your walk. Try to be aware of your surroundings as well as your Dog’s behavior.

When you see them making a beeline towards something you don’t want them to eat, take  action.

This could be as simple as calling out to them or giving a squeeze to their favorite squeaky you. As long as you can distract them  for a moment or two, you can get past the bad item and get back to your routine.

Take Along Some Treats

Sometimes, the best way to keep your dog from eating something bad is to give them something good to eat instead. Bring a handful of treats with you every time you head off for your walk.

If your dog seems desperate to snack on garbage, offer them something more appetizing instead.

Train Your Dog to Ignore Items

With the right training, you can make sure your dog avoids harmful items under any circumstances. You can train them to stop by using the command “heel,” or you can teach them a basic “leave it” or “no” command.

When you notice an item on the ground, utter the command of your choosing. You can then address the situation and continue on your walk.

You’ll be able to stop problems from ever occurring.

Dogs are drawn to some objects that are both dangerous and disgusting. This is doubly true of curious young puppies. Thankfully, there are all kinds of ways to deal with this curiosity.

You can keep your dog from grazing on anything it shouldn’t, and you can have an enjoyable, peaceful walk.

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