The Best Dog Food For Puppies

Choosing The Best Dog Food For Puppies Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Who would have ever thought that choosing the best dog food for puppies would be so difficult?

Determining the best food products to feed your brand new puppy is imperative. Nevertheless, choosing the best dog food for puppies is often somewhat mind-boggling.

That is especially true when you consider the fact that currently, there are literally thousands of different varieties, types and flavors of dog and puppy foods to choose from. Naturally as a caring pet owner your desire is for your new puppy to grow as healthy and strong as possible from day one.

In order for that to happen, puppies require an adequate source of nourishment for muscle development, strength and the never ending energy that it takes for puppies to run and play all day.That being said, what is considered to be the best dog food for puppies?

And exactly where does one begin to look for it?

Nutritional Requirements For A Growing Puppy

Each and every single vitamin or mineral in your puppy’s regular food really should have a targeted function. Everything from proteins to lipids and carbohydrates, as well as the vitamins and minerals, every single one needs to be perfectly balanced for your puppy’s needs.

Excessive amounts of nutrients can often be as equally devastating to your puppy as not having enough nourishment. Whenever important nutrients are given in inappropriate amounts vitamin deficiencies can happen that could result in lasting problems to the puppy’s overall health.

Choosing a high quality nutritious puppy formula that targets puppy’s development needs to be matched to the specific type of puppy that you have; depending on the height and weight of the puppy’s particular breed of dog as well as his age.

Once your young pup grows to a young adult dog their diet should be re-evaluated and adjusted to meet their nutritional needs as an adult dog.

Beagle puppies rob each other dry food  -Best Dog Food

What Exactly Is In Your Puppy’s Food?

One of the most important things that a new puppy owner should consider when searching for the best dog food for puppies is information about the difference between a puppy’s dietary requirements and the dietary requirements of a more mature dog.

Due to the fact that puppies develop at an alarming speed, they require a diet and nutrition regime that provides more support for development and growth, as opposed to the lifespan and maintenance nutrition that would be required by an older dog.

This in turn, translates to additional valuable nutrients and minerals for puppies. Puppies should have at least two times the amount of nutrition of a more mature adult dog. Therefore, puppy food items are specially formulated to satisfy the health and nutritional requirements of puppies as they quickly develop and grow into adult dogs.

Three Kinds Of Puppy Food

  • Moist puppy food is typically higher priced and will ruin quicker. Moist dog food consists of a great deal of water, therefore it won’t possess as many valuable nutrients and minerals.
  • Semi-moist dog food or canned dog food is sometimes the best option because it is easy to digest and requires no refrigeration.
  • Dry puppy food includes a great deal more meat protein, in addition to being less expensive and it helps keep puppy’s teeth healthy and cleansed

Puppy parents should provide their puppies with a blend of dry dog food and moist dog food formulated with a full platform of nutritional supplements. If you are still unsure of what type of dog food to feed your new puppy or if your puppy has loose or soft stool you may want to talk to your vet.

Puppies are pretty tough little creatures but at the same time they are growing and developing babies.

Making certain that your new family member gets the nutrition that he needs is a big responsibility. Thank goodness it is one that will pay off in many wonderful and entertaining ways for a long time to come.

As you watch your dog grow and become a first class member of the family you can feel proud knowing that you help him to become the well-balanced dog that he is today.

Three Ingredients That Your Puppy’s Food Shouldn’t Contain

  • By-products
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Artificial colors

If its artificial, chances are that it’s not good for your puppy.

Something To Remember: When You’re Deciding On The Best Dog Food For Puppies In Your home

Reading the packaging is a good way to determine which food has the proper nutrients and vitamins that your puppy needs to grow healthy and strong. Never, depend on ad campaigns to buy the best dog food for puppies. Try to find the highest quality dry puppy food that begins with an excellent source of meat-based healthy proteins as well as all natural fats. 

The most expensive puppy food is not always the best option for your puppy.

puppy label

Infographic by Petco (Click on picture to see full picture)

Wholesome and Nourishing puppy food products include vitamins and minerals your dog will most likely not have need of after they’ve grown to adulthood.

Older dogs simply don’t need the increased levels of proteins and other nourishing substances that encourage and cater to the rapid growth and development of puppies.

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