How To Make Your Dog Like Bath Time

How To Bathe A Dog At Home

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Most dogs naturally hate bathing, unless you do something about it, they will continue being the same. Many dogs hate bathing just like some humans do. There are a number of ways that you can make bathing the dog more fun for you both. You can make bathing time the bonding time.

The key to achieving this is to have a strategy for change. Below are some of the ways you can make your dog look forward to and start loving bathing. It might take some time, but consistency will be your best bet.

Take a nice long walk first
Just like humans, dogs like taking a dip in the water when they feel hot or exhausted after exercising. Using these natural instincts will go a long way in making the bathing routine much easier.

The dog will have used up a lot of energy and won’t have enough energy to fight back. If you follow this routine daily, then you will have a much easier bathing time.

Don’t Rush
It can sometimes be hard sometimes to balance having to live in the moment if you have limited amount to bath your dog. It’s important to find a time that you will be free for longer periods in order to make the process of bathing more fun.

Bring a positive attitude
When you start to notice that the dog resists bath time again and again, your body might be the one to blame. Take some time to work on your attitude because the dog can feel it.

Many people have associated bathing with something hard to do, but if you change your view on bathing time, you will start to notice the dog more calm and responsive.

Make it fun
The thought of bathing your dog can be something you dread and you don’t see anything changing. One way you can change both your attitudes is by viewing it as playtime.

Doing this for a dog that enjoys dogs can be very effective. Bringing them when bathing will make the dog associate bathing with playing.

Enlist canine assistance
The best way you can make our dog loving bathing is by enlisting the help of another dog. This is especially when our dog is sociable. When a dog takes a bath with another dog who is having a great time plays a big role in teaching your dog how to relax and enjoy the experience.

Ensure the dog have met in advance to know if they get along.

Make the water comfortable
The water might seem like a good temperature for you, but it might not be your dog’s preference. Varying the temperature of our dog is a bad idea because it will cause the dog to be shocked.

The water temperature should be lukewarm and always consistent.

Begin young
Making the dog love bathing when still young will make bathing enjoyable later. Never assume that the puppy enjoys the bathing or assume signs that it is giving you.

If you notice the puppy doesn’t love bathing, then you can start by letting it explore the bathtub before bathing.

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