How To Bathe A Dog At Home

Dog Bathe

Bathing your dog is a very important task that you should be doing regularly. The hygiene of your dog should always be considered because it will affect you in one way or another.

There are many people who have gotten sick all thanks to poor dog hygiene. Make sure all the aspect of hygiene are well taken care of.

Bathing the dog is not a positive experience that many people would love to make it look. Many movies and TV shows have portrayed the process as enjoyable and fun for both the dog and the owner, but in reality, it is not.

Dogs never mind being dirty and stinky – in fact, they tend to like it a bit. There are a number of them who will put up a fight to try and get out of bathing.

Many times when you see an actor in a movie, they usually run after the dog covered in soap suds and seems hilarious, but when you are doing it, you will have to deal with the clawing and wrestling as it tries to go as far away as possible.

What can you do to make the process much easier?

Power of positive association
There have been a lot of studies done to show how the power of positive association can do wonders. To make the dog love bath time, you have to associate it with something positive.

Give the dog treats, toys and affection every time you are bathing them, and also when they behave in the right manner during the process.

One way you can do that is by first getting your dog hop into an empty tab and spend some time with them giving them treat or toys then start adding warm water. It might take some time before they get it, but when they do, you will have a much easier task.

Protect the ears
Always make sure water doesn’t get into the dog’s ears during bath time. It is very uncomfortable for them and can cause some health problems. If the dog will let you, stuff cotton wools; if not, try your best to avoid getting it in the ears.

Start young
If you have a puppy, make an effort of starting the process as soon as possible. When a dog is still young, he/she will have not created a negative feeling towards bathing. B starting early, you will have fewer problems in the future.

Use the right shampoo
There are certain shampoos that cause them to scratch or dries the skin. Using these types of shampoos usually make the bathing process very hard. Talking to your vet will help you know the right type of shampoo that you should be using.

Work from the neck down
The head of the dog should not be cleaned like the rest of the body. A good way to clean the head is by using a damp washcloth. Washing the head with the rest of the body will cause the dog to be uncomfortable.

Dry Right
Dog blow dryers are usually used by many people, but you should be careful not to burn the skin. The noise and the feel is something that the dog must get used to.

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