Why Do Dogs Nip People?

There are many reasons why dogs nip people. Here are a few reasons why dogs nip people. Children are more likely to get bitten by dogs. The injuries on a child can be severe because they are smaller in size and they don’t know how they should act around dogs or act when they are […]

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Dog Bitting

Stop Dog Biting and Nipping

Many people don’t enjoy dogs that bite, chew mouth and their hands, clothing or limbs during the play and interaction. Dogs have more strength, hence causing more pain that a puppy. This can even lead to an injury on a person while the dog is mouthing.  Suppressing mouthing in adult dogs can be a challenge […]

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Thief running away from the dog.

Understanding Dog Aggression To People Or Other Dogs

Dog aggression is a common problem that dog owners experience. This can sometimes cause alarm in dog owners because of the many things that result from such aggression. This problem can easily be dealt with, provided you understand the causes. It caused by dominance and frustration of the dog. The frustration of the dog results […]

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