Fear & Anxiety

Tricolor Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Puppy Looking Out a Window

3 Tips To Help Your Dog Learn To Stay Home Alone

We all have lives we need to live and the sad fact is that many times are dogs are simply not welcome. For those times you have to be able to leave your dog home alone. Sadly many dogs suffer from severe anxiety attacks while left alone. The let in their frustration in barking, tearing […]

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Dog Scared of Everything

When Your Dog’s Afraid of Everything

Having a dog that fears everything can sometimes be a challenge because you won’t have enough time to do any fun activities that you should be doing with your dog. This is because the dog needs to be attentive and having fun at the same time. A dog scared of everything is bad for the […]

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Dogs Scared of other Dogs

My Dog Is Scared Of Other Dogs

Observing your dog for any unusual or negative signs is an important aspect of taking good care of it. There are many things that can be observed by just looking at its habits and physical appearance. One thing that a number of dog owners have seen is dogs that fear other dogs. Many of the […]

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puppy a cocker - a spaniel

Separation Anxiety – The State of Panic

Separation anxiety is among the most typical issues that dogs create. It is an anxiety disorder and is defined as a state of intense panic brought on by the dog’s isolation/separation theirs owner(s). In other words: whenever you leave for function within the morning, your dog is plunged into a state of nervous, anxiety, which […]

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