The Basics

dog stand

Training Your Dog Beyond The Basic Commands – The Stand

Training your dog to complete any task can be difficult. However, with a few key tips, you should be able to get your dog to do anything that you want him/her to do. The stand command is an obedience command that you might want to utilize in various scenarios. For instance, you might want to […]

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It's me

Training Tips: Why You Should Leave Your Dog Wanting More

While a young puppy looks adorable, an untrained dog can be a real challenge to deal with. Because of this, many dog owners want to spend hours working with their dogs, hoping that they can get their pet trained as quickly as possible.However, lengthy training sessions aren’t actually an efficient way to train a dog. […]

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cute funny puppy Australian Shepherd

Why You Should Keep Dog Training Segments Short And Simple

No matter what breed of dog you have, there are certain techniques you’ll want to employ during training. Every kind of dog has certain types of inherited drives, and each breed of dog learns in the same way. Because of this, there are certain methods that will always work, no matter what kind of dog […]

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dog collar

Recall Command Basics: Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called

One of the most essential commands that an owner can teach is dog is the recall command. When you can count on your dog to come when it’s called, you can protect it in unsafe situations. If your dog is running towards a car or approaching an unsafe food, you’ll be able to remove them […]

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Get Started In Clicker Training Your Dog

Here are some of the most practical tips to get you started in clicker training your dog. 1. Always reward a click with a treat. Never forget to reward immediately your dog with a treat after a click. It does not matter if you clicked by accident, always treat after a click. By doing so, […]

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All About Clicker Training Your Dog

We live in a generation where pets have become quite popular. Pets are an adorable as well as an awesome company. However, every pet is not similar to another. Take a dog, for instance, who does not love a cute and obedient dog? Very often you will find individuals who are closer to their dogs […]

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Reward Your Dog When Obedience Training

Reward Your Dog When Obedience Training

Rewarding your dog is the best motivator when training. It is well known that using rewards and other positive reinforcement when obedience training a dog is the most effective method and achieves the best results. You can make obedience training fun for the dog – and yourself too – by making a game of it. […]

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Dog Sitting

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Tips For Owners

Owning a dog is not all about taking them on walks and changing their food/water bowls daily; training them is an integral part as well. Many people believe that verbal and physical abuse are effective when it comes to dog training, but there is a much better way.Here are some positive reinforcement dog training tips […]

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Choosing Between Alpha Dog And Positive Reinforcement Training Techniques

The debate between alpha dog and positive reinforcement training technique continues to grow. However, many fail to realise that there is no one single training method that will work for every dog. All dogs are different and some of them require a different approach. Relying on positive reinforcement sounds like a good idea, but will […]

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puppy on guard

Age For Early Training

Dog training begins virtually at birth. Dogs that are handled and petted by humans regularly during the first eight weeks of life are generally much more amenable to being trained and living in human households. Ideally, puppies should be placed in their permanent homes between about 8 and 10 weeks of age. In some places […]

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