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How to Keep Your Dog from Eating Harmful Items On Walks

When you take your Dog out on a walk, they’ll probably see a lot of tempting treats on the ground. Unfortunately, those so-called  “treats” can be extremely harmful to your dog. You don’t want items like gum, cigarette butts, or other kinds of garbage anywhere near your Dog’s mouth. Although you can’t keep your dog […]

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Lovely Mother with Her Children, Mums with strollers in the park

How to Fit the Dog Walk into Your Daily Schedule

There are many benefits a dog stands to gain by doing some physical activities. Many people assume that the do fine on their own, but this is not really the fact. When a dog is all alone, he usually sleeps or moves over a short distance. This can sometimes be less than what the dog […]

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Dog in Park Exercising your dog

Outdoor Exercise Ideas For You and Your Dog

Exercising is an essential part of your dog routine. There are many benefits that have been associated with exercising our canine friend. Many people don’t want to hear the word ‘exercising’ because they picture long walks, especially those who hate physical activities like walking. The good news is that there are many different exercising routines […]

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Puppies And Exercise

Dogs have become one of the dearest and fun pets to have around. Their life and way of thinking impresses many people. Taking good care of them ensures they are healthy and won’t resort to other means of leashing out their aggressiveness or energy. The first thing that every puppy owner should do is regularly […]

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