Dog Training

dog stand

Training Your Dog Beyond The Basic Commands – The Stand

Training your dog to complete any task can be difficult. However, with a few key tips, you should be able to get your dog to do anything that you want him/her to do. The stand command is an obedience command that you might want to utilize in various scenarios. For instance, you might want to […]

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How to Keep Your Dog from Eating Harmful Items On Walks

When you take your Dog out on a walk, they’ll probably see a lot of tempting treats on the ground. Unfortunately, those so-called  “treats” can be extremely harmful to your dog. You don’t want items like gum, cigarette butts, or other kinds of garbage anywhere near your Dog’s mouth. Although you can’t keep your dog […]

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Training Tips: Why You Should Leave Your Dog Wanting More

While a young puppy looks adorable, an untrained dog can be a real challenge to deal with. Because of this, many dog owners want to spend hours working with their dogs, hoping that they can get their pet trained as quickly as possible.However, lengthy training sessions aren’t actually an efficient way to train a dog. […]

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cute funny puppy Australian Shepherd

Why You Should Keep Dog Training Segments Short And Simple

No matter what breed of dog you have, there are certain techniques you’ll want to employ during training. Every kind of dog has certain types of inherited drives, and each breed of dog learns in the same way. Because of this, there are certain methods that will always work, no matter what kind of dog […]

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dog treats

Dog Rewards and Punishment: Which Training Method Is Most Effective?

If an owner wants to modify the behaviour of their dog, there are two different tools they can utilise. They can reward their dog for displaying appropriate behaviour, or they can punish their dog for exhibiting negative behaviour. While many dog owners use both tools, it is typically more effective to stick with one training […]

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dog collar

Recall Command Basics: Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called

One of the most essential commands that an owner can teach is dog is the recall command. When you can count on your dog to come when it’s called, you can protect it in unsafe situations. If your dog is running towards a car or approaching an unsafe food, you’ll be able to remove them […]

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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Humanize Your Dog

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Humanize Your Dog

A lot of people make the mistake of humanizing their dogs. They do so by talking to their dogs as if they were humans. Some even talk to them like they were babies. A lot of experts in the field believe that humanizing your pet is not the correct mindset to have when you engage […]

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Dog Park Behavior

Dog Park Behaviour With Other Dogs Tips And Etiquette

Dog parks are becoming increasingly popular all across the entire country. The parks can differ in size from large to small. However, they all share the same purpose which is to provide a safe place where dogs can actually run off leash and be able to socialise with other dogs. While they are not always […]

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Lovely Mother with Her Children, Mums with strollers in the park

How to Fit the Dog Walk into Your Daily Schedule

There are many benefits a dog stands to gain by doing some physical activities. Many people assume that the do fine on their own, but this is not really the fact. When a dog is all alone, he usually sleeps or moves over a short distance. This can sometimes be less than what the dog […]

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Dog in Park Exercising your dog

Outdoor Exercise Ideas For You and Your Dog

Exercising is an essential part of your dog routine. There are many benefits that have been associated with exercising our canine friend. Many people don’t want to hear the word ‘exercising’ because they picture long walks, especially those who hate physical activities like walking. The good news is that there are many different exercising routines […]

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