Dog Care

Puppy in a chage at the animal shelter waiting to be adopted

Adopting A Shelter Dog – Make A Friend For Life!

Puppy in a cage at the animal shelter waiting to be adopted If you are looking for a new or 2nd pet, consider getting a shelter dog.  These wonderful animals are typically fully vetted and sterilised and make great pets. Most shelter staffs will be able to tell you about the dog’s personality and if […]

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family dog

How You Can Have a Closer Bond With Your Dog

Although dogs are known for their happy and affectionate behavior, you need to do more than simply show up at the door if you want to forge a strong bond with your dog. You need to put effort in if you want your relationship to grow and flourish. The following ideas will help strengthen your […]

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dog hug

Why NOT To Hug A Dog

If you enjoy the presence of dogs, it is very likely that you have hugged one. Sometimes you simply get caught up in the moment and you let your joy and affection control your behaviour and actions. In the moment, did you ever pay attention as to whether or not your dog enjoyed being hugged? […]

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How To Bathe A Dog At Home

How To Make Your Dog Like Bath Time

Happy and Dirty Dog Most dogs naturally hate bathing, unless you do something about it, they will continue being the same. Many dogs hate bathing just like some humans do. There are a number of ways that you can make bathing the dog more fun for you both. You can make bathing time the bonding […]

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Dog Bathe

How To Bathe A Dog At Home

Bathing your dog is a very important task that you should be doing regularly. The hygiene of your dog should always be considered because it will affect you in one way or another. There are many people who have gotten sick all thanks to poor dog hygiene. Make sure all the aspect of hygiene are […]

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How You Can Protect Your Dog from Fleas and Ticks

While the outdoors is a great place for a dog to be, it’s also a place where they can be put at risk. When a dog spends time outside, they could be bitten by fleas or ticks, which can cause diseases like heartworm and anaplasma. Thankfully, there are many of things that pet owners can […]

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Fleas and Ticks

The Differences Between Fleas and Ticks

When it comes to pets, many people want the best for them. Going to the vet for regular checkup is not enough because there are some signs you should always look out for. The process is simple and the things to be observed aren’t complicated. There are some signs that you should watch out for […]

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Remembering To Hydrate Your Dog For Health

Are you aware of your dog’s food habits? Have you done enough research on how to take care of your pet? All living things need water to survive. Pets like dogs are animals just like human beings and their bodies require water to facilitate quite a number of metabolical processes. Let us have a look […]

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Smart Reasons Of Having Pet Insurance And The Benefits Of Pet Insurance

Many people have a pet, whether it is a cat or a dog feels like an extended member of the family. However, as the veterinary field becomes more technologically advanced, the cost of caring for a pet increases due to the high cost associated with  acquiring necessary equipments, facilities as well as training require to […]

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Dog Safe During Summer

How To Keep Your Dog Safe During Summer

 Dogs are very friendly and playful pets. They are always an amazing company. It not surprising to find a person who opts spends most of his or her time with a dog than with a friend.You love you dog, so do I what next?Going an extra mile in caring for you dog can tell a […]

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