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With some help of my friend, I created this blog as a fellow dog owner to find the best tips to train my puppy a few years ago.  The blog is designed to whether you are dog owner or loves dogs’ to train, help and enjoy them as pets.

There is famous saying which I believe in, is that you own a dog for life. We live in a throw away society, but puppies are very cute.

Any bred of puppy always look cute,  as anyone who loves a dogs. Their grow up into larger or small dogs.  I think dogs are for life and they will give more than 100% back.

I started writing a few pages on puppy info and dog obedience, as some people are getting their first dog or a new dog when the dog is older like adoption.

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This year I created a daily newsletter about the different dog training tips.  Subscribe to my newsletter and you will get some great tips plus information about dog obedience.

Miranda Mortimer and the Team.