Young Couple Walking Dog

A Couple Of Pointers For Building A Lasting Bond With Your Dog

Building lasting bonds with people you care about is an important part of life. Some people may spend their entire life building only these human bonds, while others will want to build some bonds across the species borders.

A bond with a dog is a bond that lasts a lifetime. They tend to love just about everyone, but don’t think that just because a dog favours you that you have solidified this lasting dog. Just like with humans, it will take time to earn the trust and respect of the dog, and only then will you have a new best friend.

1. Training

It may not seem like they love it at first, but training your dog is one of the best and most effective ways of building a lasting dog. Some dog owners miss out on this rare opportunity by sending their dog to a professional trainer.

However, if you’re still serious about sending them to a trainer, there are still some benefits that come with that as well.

In general, it’s much easier to build the bonds of friendship with a trained dog. This is for several reasons. One, a well-trained dog will typically have more freedom than the average dog.

This is because the owner trusts them and knows they will stay within their bounds. This makes the dog a happier dog. It also reduces your own stress and frustration that comes from dealing with a misbehaving dog, which can really put a damper on the bond-building process.

Young Couple Walking Dog
Young Couple Walking Dog

2. Spending Time With Your Dog

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s overlooked by an alarming number of dog owners. You can’t expect to build a trusting bond with an animal you barely see, if ever.

Returning home on the weekends to see your dog isn’t enough.

A real relationship, even between a human and dog, is built around time spent together and experiences shared between the two.

Find new ways to spend time with your dog. Make it fun, different, and exciting.

Do things the both of you like or spend time trying to find those things if you don’t already know. Not every dog wants to spend their days fetching sticks, so don’t just assume that’s the right answer.

Your dog is unique, just as you are, and you must both learn about one another.

These tips are enough to get you started, but they alone won’t build a lasting relationship.

How you act when you are around the dog, such as your actions, attitude, and even emotional state can all make a difference.

Always pay attention to how the dog reacts in certain situations and try to consider their feelings in the future.