Puppy in a chage at the animal shelter waiting to be adopted

Adopting A Shelter Dog – Make A Friend For Life!

Puppy in a cage at the animal shelter waiting to be adopted If you are looking for a new or 2nd pet, consider getting a shelter dog.¬† These wonderful animals are typically fully vetted and sterilised and make great pets. Most shelter staffs will be able to tell you about the dog’s personality and if […]

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Tricolor Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Puppy Looking Out a Window

3 Tips To Help Your Dog Learn To Stay Home Alone

We all have lives we need to live and the sad fact is that many times are dogs are simply not welcome. For those times you have to be able to leave your dog home alone. Sadly many dogs suffer from severe anxiety attacks while left alone. The let in their frustration in barking, tearing […]

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dog stand

Training Your Dog Beyond The Basic Commands – The Stand

Training your dog to complete any task can be difficult. However, with a few key tips, you should be able to get your dog to do anything that you want him/her to do. The stand command is an obedience command that you might want to utilize in various scenarios. For instance, you might want to […]

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dog food

Top Ways To Deal with A Fussy Dog Eater

It is very likely that you have had your dog on the same brand of food for a while now. Therefore, it is not a surprise if your dog refuses to eat it after a while or if you switch brands on him. However, it is important to note the differences between a picky dog […]

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women talking the dog

How to Keep Your Dog from Eating Harmful Items On Walks

When you take your Dog out on a walk, they’ll probably see a lot of tempting treats on the ground. Unfortunately, those so-called¬† “treats” can be extremely harmful to your dog. You don’t want items like gum, cigarette butts, or other kinds of garbage anywhere near your Dog’s mouth. Although you can’t keep your dog […]

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It's me

Training Tips: Why You Should Leave Your Dog Wanting More

While a young puppy looks adorable, an untrained dog can be a real challenge to deal with. Because of this, many dog owners want to spend hours working with their dogs, hoping that they can get their pet trained as quickly as possible.However, lengthy training sessions aren’t actually an efficient way to train a dog. […]

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dog training

Why You Should Focus On the Basics

When you bring a new dog into your home, you need more than food, toys, and a place for your dog to sleep. You need to be prepared to train your new pet in the right way. Dogs need a strong pack leader in order to thrive. If you start training right away, your pet […]

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cute funny puppy Australian Shepherd

Why You Should Keep Dog Training Segments Short And Simple

No matter what breed of dog you have, there are certain techniques you’ll want to employ during training. Every kind of dog has certain types of inherited drives, and each breed of dog learns in the same way. Because of this, there are certain methods that will always work, no matter what kind of dog […]

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dog treats

Dog Rewards and Punishment: Which Training Method Is Most Effective?

If an owner wants to modify the behaviour of their dog, there are two different tools they can utilise. They can reward their dog for displaying appropriate behaviour, or they can punish their dog for exhibiting negative behaviour. While many dog owners use both tools, it is typically more effective to stick with one training […]

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dog collar

Recall Command Basics: Teaching Your Dog To Come When Called

One of the most essential commands that an owner can teach is dog is the recall command. When you can count on your dog to come when it’s called, you can protect it in unsafe situations. If your dog is running towards a car or approaching an unsafe food, you’ll be able to remove them […]

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